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At BookOnlineNow we have been closely monitoring the unprecedented developments of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the global hotel industry. To help hotels and travel companies adapt to this fast-changing and unpredictable environment, we have created the BookOnlineNow Demand Trends.

We hope this information will help hotels and travel related companies to get the most informed and marketing strategies. BookOnlineNow Demand Trends Tracker is based on date retrieved from BookOnlineNow booking engine and tracks demand related and reservations related guest behavior. The Tracker has been carried out with the collaboration and consulting of Nea Mesa Hotel and Tourism Digital Marketing Agency .

Research Methodology

The research is based on the analysis of data retrieved from BookOnlineNow Booking Engine. We have considered week by week analysis of the overall Requests (Demand) and Reservations.

  • Data Analysis and Sample Hotels: The analysis is based on the cumulative and average data from a number of 8-10 properties using BookOnlineNow booking engines per examined Region.
  • Demand and Reservations Terms: Any request made on the booking engine based on Request Date and any Reservation done through the booking engine is considered for this analysis.
  • Benchmarking: Zero (0) Point is considered as the Number of Requests and Number of Reservations at the Week 16 – 22 February 2020. So, Week 16 – 22 February 2020 is the Reference Week (Zero Point).
  • The report details out the week-by-week changes of Number of Requests (Demand Trends) and Number of Reservations (Reservations Trend) for each examined region compared to the Reference Week.
  • For a comparative version, we compare the collected data with the previous year’s data points.
  • The Trends Tracker will be updated the coming weeks accordingly.

    The coming weeks will uncover important trends that may play a major role on your sales strategy this year; Stay Tuned!

  • Athens - Greece : Demand and Reservation Trends
    Cyclades - Greece : Demand and Reservation Trends
    Ionio - Greece : Demand and Reservation Trends
    Crete - Greece : Demand and Reservation Trends
    Czech Republic : Demand and Reservation Trends
    Turkey : Demand and Reservation Trends
    Greece : Demand and Reservation Trends
    Greece : Booking Windows

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    About Nea Mesa

    Nea Mesa Hotel & Tourism Digital Marketing Agency is highly specialized in the provision of Digital Marketing services for the Hospitality Industry. Has been awarded at the Greek Tourism Awards for three consecutive years for the optimization of the direct booking channel of one of their clients. They provide 360 digital services with measurable results.

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