Hoteliers all around the globe feel the need to create their own Hotel Packages, promote and sell them directly through their bookings engine in order to raise their income and also increase their brand awareness. This function is now possible with the booking engine of BookOnlineNow and its new service called “ΒΟΝ Hotel Packages”.

What “BON Hotel Packages” offer?

BookOnlineNow presents a new solution in the era of direct bookings, called “BON Hotel Packages”. Hoteliers are now able to create their own unique accommodation packages in combination with other extra services or experiences.

We have taken advantage of the risen trend that wants guests to keep searching for unique experiences when they book a hotel. We converted this need of the modern travelers to an innovative service for hoteliers. Hoteliers can simply and easily create accommodation packages that can combine accommodation with other services such as entertainment services, transfers, multiple activities, exclusive and personalized experiences (e.g. Christmas & New Years Eve Packages, Honeymoon Packages, City Tour Packages, Romance Packages etc.).

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Benefits of Using BON Hotel Packages

  • Hotelier can easily create Package Deals through BookOnlineNow back-end.
  • All the available Package Deals are visible to potential guests via a specially designed section in the booking engine front-end, called “PACKAGE DEALS”.
  • Every package can be linked to a specific URL that can be used in any advertising and promoting campaign or it can be directly connected with the hotel’s website.
  • The availability of the hotel packages can be continually controlled since the service can be directly connected with channel manager system and receive real-time availability.
  • The designed packages can be given for sale also to B2B partners via the BookOnlineNow B2B Network.
  • “Package Deals” can also be connected with(or supported by) other services offered by the booking engine, such as BON Geo Location in order to promote unique packages in specific areas or markets, BON Loyalty Suite in order to offer exclusive packages to repeated clients or loyalty members, BON Sources & Devices in order to offer different Packages to different booking sources or from specific devices (E.g. Mobile or Social Media).
  • Hotelier owns a powerful tool to attract guests and complete their bookings via the official hotel website instead of 3rd party systems like OTAs. By this way hotels get away with high commissions but they also manage to raise their online direct income.

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Bon Hotel Packages: Ideas proposed By BookOnlineNow

  • Brand your own Hotel Packages
  • Create packages that incorporate Concierge Services

e.g. Private parties and celebrations, Weddings, Yacht tours, Wellness, Transfer etc.

  • Create packages that incorporate Experiences

e.g. Discovery Package, Sea and Wind Sports, Cooking classes, Wine tasting, Tours etc.

  • Create packages that fit to your hotel’s image:

e.g. Christmas & New Year’s Eve Package, Honeymoon Package, City Tour Package, Romance Package, Hotel Spa Package, Yoga Package, Meditation Package etc.


There are plenty of options when creating Hotel Packages.

BookOnlineNow offers you the service to create, promote and sell them!