Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected a variety of industries all around the world. The crisis that it caused has imported financial consequences even to powerful industries, like tourism and hospitality. In fact, hospitality businesses were one of the most gravely hit. Due to the quarantines and the travel restrictions hoteliers could continually observe their reservation and occupancy rates falling.

  BookOnlineNow stands by the side of its partnered-up hotels during the pandemic with the demands-reservations trends page. This service provides dynamic insights on the requests and reservations made through the hotels’ booking engine on a weekly basis for selected destinations. The weekly reservations can also get compared with the reservations made on the same period last year. The following table depicts the dramatic fall (compared with 2019) of reservations made in Athens from February to September 2020.

  However, even the fact that covid-19 crisis impacted hospitality, now that the new season of 2021 is approaching you can take advantage of some carefully selected practices when it comes to business management in order to see your businesses reborn. 


  • Implement Covid-19 Protection Measures

  According to a research contacted by Morning Consult with the financial aid of the American Hotel & Lodging Association(AHLA,2020) revealed that 81% of travelers feel more comfortable to stay at lodgings that keep high health standards and follow enhanced protocols. The same research found that some of the guests’ top priorities is the use of protective masks both by the employees and the other guests, the offer of housekeeping services after request and the decrease in direct contact by the use of technologies.

   Other important measures that you can take advantage of is the decrease in the availability of the rooms as well as the cleaning of the hotel spaces twice a day. Another idea is to provide your guests with disinfectant and cleaning supplies that can be found on the welcome package in each one of the rooms. Of course, safety protocols must be visible throughout the lodgings but also on the hotels’ websites.

  • Upgrade hotel facilities

  Since coronavirus is such contagious you have to make sure that all the facilities and the common spaces of your hotel are protected. Fresh air should constantly flow but also the air conditioning of the property must provide recycled air. Moreover, social distancing must be kept on the restaurants, the pool, the courts and any other communal space of the building. All the spaces of the hotel must be cleaned with caution and multiple times a day.

  • Take advantage of technology for all the services of the hotel

      The era that we are living in continually progresses as it concerns technology. Many travelers are now looking to diminish face-to-face interaction in order to ensure their wellbeing. A feature that will help you cover their needs is the use of e-check in and check-out platforms. Moreover, you can use the internet in order to provide online services such as cooking classes prepared by your chefs or online entertainment like recorded music events that have taken place in your hotel.

  Since hotels were advised by the governments not to open their typical morning buffet technology could be used for one more time in order for the guests to make online orders and trained staff to deliver their food to their rooms. The use of chatbots is also another solution for a distanced communication between the customers and the employees.

  • Train your employees

    It goes without saying that your staff should be trained and informed on all the hotel’s new operations. At the end of the day the staff has the ultimate contact point with your guests. So, your employees have to carefully follow all the imposed health standards and make guests feel safe.


 All hoteliers are advised to follow the above practices, promote the safety measures that they have taken with every chance and get ready to gaze at the future with optimism. An article on marketing techniques that you can implement in order to increase your sales and recuperate from covid-19 will follow on the next days so stay tuned!