Do I need to register to use the BON B2B Suite?
No registration is needed. As an already active BookOnlineNow account you just need to accept your participation by clicking on the BON B2B Affiliation program’s popup message appearing when entering the extranet of the booking engine.
Is there any extra cost involved in using the B2B Suite?
Activating the B2B Suite of BON is free of charge. The reservations generated from Travel Agents or Wholesalers are being charged considerably lower compared to the commission agreed under your existing contract with BookOnlineNow for the B2C online reservations. If your contract is on yearly fee basis, contact your account manager to be informed about the % of the commission involved.
Which are the benefits of becoming an affiliated hotel in the B2B Suite?
BookOnlineNow B2B Suite can help you:
  • Manage access of new Travel Agents to your B2B Suite. The hotelier can simply enable or block access
  • Negotiate directly with Travel Agents for your rates, policies and payment conditions
  • Manage availability and rate plans for Travel Agents. Manage NET Rates for each Travel Agent
  • No more papers, phones and email requests. All reservations can be booked directly online through the booking engine
  • Ask your existing Agents to connect through BookOnlineNow
  • Find new Agents through BookOnlineNow’ Agents Network
  • How do I decide the commission I would like to set for each Travel Agent?
    Travel Agent rates are always on a NET basis. When accepting affiliation, you will be asked for the commission discounts (% based) you wish to apply depending on the cooperation you wish to establish with each Travel Agent. This actually means that you may run different price distribution strategy per travel agent, per country or continent.
    Do Travel Agents see the live availability of my property?
    Yes, Travel Agents are able to see the online availability of the hotel and book directly the preferred room, rate and period via BookOnlineNow booking engine.
    Could I set different availability set for the Agent Rates?
    Agent rates can be combined with different Availability Pool, meaning you can have a specific amount of rooms to be sold specifically to agents, which is different from the Main Pool that is being sold in your online segment.
    Can I have different rates and availability for different nationalities?
    Via the Geolocation & Pricing feature that BookOnlineNow has pre-activated for all hotels, all hoteliers have the ability to offer different NET prices per country and achieve the maximum of sales opportunities around the globe.
    I do wish to exclude specific countries from the B2B suite due to exclusive partnerships. Is that possible?
    Yes, the preferred countries can be excluded from having visibility on the B2B Suites’ active rate plans
    Should I take any further action after participation and rate setup in the B2B Suite of BON? Can I add my own agents?
    After becoming part of the B2B Suite, you could inform all your B2B partners and invite them to your hotel’s B2B suite of BookOnlineNow. Your Travel Agents will discover that without any cost involved for them, they will be able to make real time reservations easier and faster as they will have access to real time prices and availability whenever needed.
    How do I get paid for reservations generated via the BON B2B Suite?
    Each Travel Agent needs to fill out the details of his/her valid business credit card at the final step of the booking process. Hotelier is paid the NET amount via this credit card by the regular use of the POS or in cases of presence of a Payment Getaway Connection, the credit card is charged directly by BON Payment Suite System.
    My Travel Agent has no business credit card. Can he participate in the BON B2B Suite?
    Our aim is to provide to you, the hoteliers, a path of new sales opportunities. In the final step of the booking process we always require a credit card to confirm a reservation. As the communication with any affiliated travel agent is open to you, you may find other means of payment but still in order to finalize the reservation in our system credit card is obligatory.
    Whose details do Travel Agents enter in the Customer Name?
    As the booking engine recognizes the details of the Travel Agent at the final step of the booking process, the only details that need to be filled out are the names of the customers visiting the hotel. No confirmation will be sent to the prospect customer by our booking engine. Confirmations are being only sent to the Travel Agent with all payment and reservation details.
    Can a Travel Agent modify or cancel a reservation?
    As with regular online reservations, the Travel Agent may modify or cancel any reservation as long as the cancellation policies allow it. Each activated Agent Rate has a specific pre-defined rate, payment & cancellation information. Depending on those, the above action is allowed or not by the system.
    I want to block a Travel Agent from affiliation. Can I do that?
    You are able to block and exclude anytime a Travel Agent from your Hotel BON B2B suite. From our backend (extranet) you can select the block action and have this done is seconds.
    Can I increase or decrease commission to specific Travel Agent/s?
    You are free to change the commission you want to share with your travel agent/s anytime by entering the Travel Agents section in our backend. Keep in mind though to inform them for the action, in order to keep an open communication and a fruitful cooperation. Travel Agents get informed accordingly for any change and they can check the new commission rate via their Agent Dashboard (Agentb2b extranet)